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This fun and thorough curriculum is a two - semester extension of Let's Play Music, designed to take the LPM graduate's skills to a new level, truly transitioning them to private piano lessons. Carefully crafted lessons include instruction on ear training, harmony, melody, sight reading, rhythm, music history, theory, technique and musicality. Bridge at Lily Pad Music Academy is a group class of up to 6 students. Parents or piano teachers may purchase Bridge books and materials and use them individually from the class, through the Let's Play Music company.

LPM graduates will review, explore, expand, and gain a remarkable understanding of music as they build on the foundation they have worked so carefully to develop over the last three years in Let's Play Music.


  • Theory is fun and interactive

  • Continue chord-heavy repertoire

  • On and off the bench learning

  • Technique accompaniment tracks

  • Learn to build and play over 10 scales, chord progressions, arpeggios and inversions

  • Learn the names, functions and Roman Numerals for chords

  • Learn the V7 chord (the “new yellow”)

  • Identify major key signatures for sharps and flats

  • Compose a piece using chord progressions

  • Recognize melodic and harmonic intervals

  • One on one time with teacher PLUS group interactions

  • Perform as a soloist and in ensembles

  • Learn time signatures: 2/4, 2/3, 4/4, 3/8, 6/8

  • Continue rhythmic dictation

  • Increase knowledge of musical terms and symbols

  • Twice as much instruction time as a traditional private piano lesson

  • Continue solfege and add minor terms

  • Sight reading proficiency.

Those who complete the Bridge program will develop a deeper confidence in their musical abilities, helping them succeed in private piano lessons or other further music instruction. Go here to register!


What parents are saying about Bridge:


“I am absolutely loving the bridge class for LPM graduates. I was so worried about my son’s post LPM experience and knowing that this is available made me so happy! I had my doubts about group lessons, but I love it! Now I just have to worry about what comes after this. I’m completely convinced that this is one of the best music programs in existence.” 


“We have been so impressed with the curriculum of the Bridge class and the format. For our son, who really excelled in the format and structure of the LPM program, this program was a perfect next step for him.” 

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Bridge Classes Coming Fall 2024

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