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Leslie Wilson


 Leslie is a passionate musician who desires to share music with those around her. Leslie has taught piano and clarinet over the last 2 decades, to children ranging in age from 5-18 years. She believes that a strong fundamental foundation is the key to succeeding as a musician. She's had 3 of her 4 children complete Let's Play Music and has been enchanted by the program since she first learned about it! She hopes to give this gift to many of her own students.



Leslie has held many symphonic clarinet positions, including principal clarinetist with Canada's Vancouver Pops Symphony, Millennial Choirs and Orchestra of Salt Lake City, UT, and the Nebo Philharmonic in Payson, UT. Leslie has also performed with the Utah Valley Symphony in Provo, UT and the Timpanogos Symphony Orchestra in Highland, UT. One of her highlights as a clarinetist was touring and playing with the Vancouver Pops Symphony to Carnegie Hall in New York City in the Spring of 2015. Leslie also regularly sings in and directs church choirs or plays clarinet in solo recitals and concerts with friends, family and fellow musicians. 



Leslie welcomes opportunities to grow as a music teacher. She makes a dedicated effort to attend the Let's Play Music Symposium and trainings every year to work on professional development. She is also striving to become an active member in her community Music Teacher's National Association.


Leslie founded Lily Pad Music Academy in 2016 while she was living in Louisiana. She wanted her last son to have the Let's Play Music curriculum, so she became a certified teacher for the company! She also began teaching piano and clarinet lessons, to supplement the business. At the beginning of 2017, the family moved, and spent the next 3.5 years in Florida, where she taught and worked to grow her business. She currently lives in Snohomish, Washington, with her husband, David, and their four beautiful children, where she now hopes to bless the lives of families there, with the power of music!

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