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  Sound Beginnings is a fun curriculum specifically designed for ages 0-4 and a parent/caregiver. Weekly classes are 30 minutes long. By providing a solid music and preschool foundation, Sound Beginnings prepares students for success in Let’s Play Music and Kindergarten! The curriculum is organized into six non-sequential semesters. Each semester is four months long and provides experience with important music and pre-school concepts and skills through different songs and games. Classes include singing, movement, games, stories, and activities, focusing on different music and  preschool concepts each semester. 

  Each semester of Sound Beginnings explores all 7 of the Foundational Elements.  In addition, each semester specializes in 3 preschool topics and features a unique percussion instrument.  Click the buttons below to see specifics about each semester. See the Pricing and Policies page for information about the materials and cost for each semester.

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Fall 2024 we will start Brown Teddy Bears!
Winter/Spring 2025 we will begin Pink Piggies!
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