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  Let’s Play Music is a fun musicianship, music theory, and early piano course for your child. Students begin at age 4-6 and graduate three years later. This three-year program solves the problem that a child's brain is most ready to learn music at an early age, but their fingers and letter skills may not be ready yet for the piano. We take full advantage of the brain’s ability to absorb musical concepts through playful games and songs, and teach skills in a research-based and age appropriate way. Solfege hand signs, audiation, simple folk songs, active games, imagination and creativity are important components of each lesson.

  Because Let's Play Music is play-based, this course allows children to enjoy learning at age-appropriate levels, without realizing they are building solid musical, educational, physical, and emotional skills! Read more about the philosophy and background of Let’s Play Music here.


 With a total musicianship focus, touching on every element of music education, Let's Play Music prepares children to excel in further music instruction, in whatever instrument they choose! By the end of Let's Play Music, children will have developed a solid aural and music theory foundation. Learn more about each semester of the program by clicking the buttons below. Or visit the website here.

  Parents/caregivers also attend and participate in class, starting with twice per month in the first year, and once per month in the 2nd and 3rd years. Classes are between 45-60 minutes in length.  

See the Pricing and Policies page for the cost and studio policies.

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Is your 4-year old child ready for Let's Play Music? See FAQ's for further help deciding.

Is your child not yet 4? Try our Sound Beginnings program with your babies and toddlers, to prepare for Let's Play Music and Kindergarten!

Or, is your child already 7-12? Presto - Let's Play Music is probably your answer! Presto includes everything that Let's Play Music does, but geared more toward preteens!

Fall 2024 we will start new 1st year classes of Red Balloons and Blue Bugs!
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If your child has completed the 3-year course of Let's Play Music, Mrs. Leslie does offer the Bridge program. This course is offered either in a group of either 2-4 children. In Bridge, children will expand upon the skills and knowledge learned in Let's Play Music, and will learn much more music theory and piano technique! Bridge seamlessly transitions Let's Play Music graduates into a traditional piano lesson environment. Go here to register!

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