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Amy Maranto

"I'm so glad I decided to sign up my 6 year old for Let's Play Music with Leslie.  I had never heard of it before, but I had been wanting to get her involved with music somehow.  I wanted to find a program that would help her develop a love for music and have fun learning it!  I found it with Let's Play Music thanks to Leslie!  Leslie was a wonderful teacher for my daughter, because she really cared, she was very consistent, and she made it fun and interesting! Leslie kept her attention, which is hard to do, and we looked forward to attending the classes.  Leslie is a great teacher and I am so thankful that she introduced us to Let's Play Music!" 

Lethe Bradshaw

"Let's Play Music is absolutely a fantastic and fun program! The best way I have found for my kiddos to learn music for sure! In love with Let's Play Music and we love our Mrs. Leslie! Such a devoted and loving teacher!"

Aline De Souza

"Just some feedback for this week's class: My son came back soooo happy on Tuesday, saying I love music class!...

 We are so thankful for you and the gift of music you have been giving us!"

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