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Clarinet Lessons 


By special request, Mrs. Leslie offers private clarinet lessons to beginning and intermediate clarinetists. Clarinet lessons with Mrs. Lesile, highly focuses on the fundamentals of the instrument and musical expression. Leslie emphasizes correct hand and embouchure position, correct breathing, air flow, tone, and technique. Leslie also implements music theory, scales and rhythm study into every lesson, because these fundamentals create a solid foundation to allow the musician to confidently perform beautiful music.

Mrs. Leslie Wilson graduated in 2011 with her B.A. in Music, emphasis in clarinet performance, from Brigham Young University. Since graduating, she has held various clarinet positions in 5 professional symphony orchestras, including the Nebo Philharmonic, the Utah Valley Symphony, the Timpanogas Symphony Orchestra, Utah's Millennial Choirs and Orchestra, and the Vancouver Pops Symphony. She has taught numerous private clarinet students since studying clarinet for her Bachelor's degree, and has coached many clarinet ensembles in private and public schools. Playing the clarinet brings excitement and fulfilment to Leslie like nothing else!

If your child needs private lessons, as recommended by a band or orchestra teacher, or needs help preparing for a solo competition, Mrs. Leslie is happy to help! Please see the Pricing and Policies page before registering. Please contact Leslie directly to check on availability of lessons. 

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